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The Classic Car Repair Manual Library

This is where the repair manuals are, a good place to start and really why you are here 🙂


Classic Brochures and Marketing

Classic Brochures and Marketing are in the works but for the time we are mostly focused on getting our manual library published.

Who Are We?

The Classic Car Library is a foundation dedicated to ensuring the continued availability of digital and paper repair manuals for classic car enthusiasts. We have found there are two types of people looking for car manuals, those looking for a quick reference and those who want a paper copy . Our goal is to cater to both.

In addition to selling print copies, we also make manuals available online for reading, reference, and keyword searching at no cost.

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About Andrew

Hi, I’m Andrew, the founder and creator of the Classic Car Library. I started the search for classic car repair manuals back in the 1990’s, some easy to find, some hard. My first surprise was the trouble of getting a manual followed by the cost for a reprint of an old manual. I felt like I was being held hostage. Why should a manual with an expired copyright be so difficult and expensive to obtain. The Classic Car Library is my response to this dilemma. I hope you enjoy this service and find it useful for your classic car projects. Our goal is to get you access to the classic car manual for nothing… Thanks for visiting.

P.S. If you have an old repair manual the Classic Car Library could add to its collection, we happily take donations. Contact me for details.

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